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Coral Lawn Care is owned and operated by Michal. On most days – Michal is a solo-operator (meaning he works by himself out in the field. Due to this his availability is always LIMITED and so many customers at a time. This ensures you lawn is receiving the highest quality service and there are no unfamiliar faces on your property. He is the first and last person to leave your property.
Michal worked for a Landscaping company for two years and attended seminars where he gained experience with landscape installs and lawn maintenance. In 2022, he created Coral Lawn Care. He aims to grow a successful business and grow relationships
As a small business owner, I understand how troublesome it is when people or businesses flake on plans or don’t show up. That is why I always stress communication and reliabiility. I believe people and especially businesses should be held accountable for what they say. I created Coral Lawn Care to to be that familiar face and to be stress-free.

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The Christmas Light Dudes is a full-service Christmas Lighting service that lights up your neihgborhoods during the holidays so you can enjoy Chrismtas with you friends adn family. If you are looking to light up your house, give us a call at 214-814-4110! Merry Christmas!

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