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Your lawn is a baby that is growing. In order to get your lawn to the best health, it is important to feed, clean, dress,comfort and give him a haircut. Timing is extremely important as wrong timing and careless mistakes can bring stress to your lawn. Here is a program that allows your lawn to thrive.

Monthly maintenance program


We start off the season with bi-weekly mowing in March, then weekly mowing starting in April when the grass starts taking off. We slow it down biweekly in October to a monthly mow and throughout the winter.
Trimming Bushes – Weeding Beds – Leaf and Debris Pickup
We clean up any weeds and debris monthly and trim bushes as needed during the growing season. In the winter when the grass slows down but the leaves pick up (fall down) we offer bi-weekly and weekly clean ups.
Fertilizer and working gloves on the grass


Along with watering every single week, we put down fertilizer every six to eight weeks all throughout the growing season
Your baby needs to be taken to their dentist and doctor appointments to make sure they are not missing out on any important life stages. Aside from our monthly maintenance, here are our other services.


Once in the Late spring or in the late fall


Dethatch in the spring to remove the thick layer of dead grass and debris
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We form our business around consistency. We will come to your lawn with our premade schedule and inform you every time we come to give you a heads up. If there are any bad weather conditions, we try our best to get you back on your schedule


We accept Credit Cards through our system so we don’t have to disturb you during the day. We invoice you at the end of every month with your card. Cash or Check is also accepted
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Licensed and insured

We are fully licensed and insured professionals and hold our work and business to a high standard. Rest assured, we take responsibility for all our actions, good or bad, and strive to provide the best work and customer service

Referral Program

As a small business , Coral Lawn Care appreciates your 5-star feedback and neighborhood referrals. Michal does not stop working until you’re proud of his work
Ask about our Free Mow referral program!
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